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Romica - Designer, Manufacturer and Supplier of Marine Lift Equipment and Winches for the Offshore Industry

Romica Engineering Limited (REL) is a designer, manufacturer and supplier of marine lift equipment and winches for use in marine site surveys and seismic surveys for the offshore, oil and gas and oceanographic market sectors.

All our systems are designed to be in accordance with the latest health and safety and specific marine-classification society requirements.

Romica Engineering Limited is a specialist in the design of umbilical handling winches, and offers a complete range of handling equipment solutions, such as ROVs, AUVs, towed seismic recordings, sound source arrays and deep-towed survey systems.

A-frame and launch systems for offshore site surveys

Romica Engineering Limited is able to offer combinations of winch, A-frame and launch systems to suit a variety of seabed sampling and benthic measurement devices. Our range includes coring, CTD and CPT handling systems, side scan winches and seismic recording, and gun array handling systems.

Romica Engineering Limited has a proven deepwater traction winch design, including wire monitoring and measurement of the outboard and storage tensions as standard.

Romica Engineering Limited has a range of winches fitted with a right-angle level wind, which offers the opportunity to better use available deck space.

The company also supplies wire spoolers and spooling services. Our spoolers are offered for sale or rent.

The range of A-frames available includes conventional, wide-angle, telescoping and articulating frames. Z or parallelogram frames are also available, and are built to meet specific payload requirements.

Romica Engineering Limited uses this extensive range of handling equipment to offer bespoke deck layout designs that satisfy our client's operational needs.

Collaboration with accredited partners

Romica Engineering Limited works closely with TIE Services International SRL, based in Satu Mare, Romania. TIE is a British-owned, Romanian-registered company with a 7000m2 fabrication facility, and is certified to ISO 9001:2000 and accredited to ISO 3834:2006, which covers the quality requirements for fusion-welding of metallic materials.

The factory has two fabrication, machining and assembly lines, each equipped with a 12.5Te crane, with a shot blasting and paint facility. Located in the north of Romania, the factory is close to the European motorway network, offering excellent road connections to Western Europe.

The factory is currently being extended to accommodate a larger machine shop with a new horizontal borer machining centre, capable of machining large components with minimal handling.

The recent acquisition of new premises adjacent to the factory means that we are able to move existing hydraulic and electrical workshops into larger dedicated workspaces with improved environmental management.

The factory is well equipped to handle the assembly and test of systems with pull and lift capacity up to 100t. Our equipment is delivered cable spooled when requested.

Global engineering support

Romica Engineering Limited, in conjunction with Romica Korea, is opening an engineering and technical support centre in Korea before the end of 2012.REL is proud of the global engineering support services provided from our Romanian base. Sales support is provided through a network of agents and strategic alliances with companies in India, the US, Australia, Korea, Turkey and China.

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