Romica Engineering Limited
Romica Engineering has extensive experience in the development of many seabed sampling systems. Giant Piston corers, Gravity corers, Box corers, LARS for Cone penetration testing, HPT and other bespoke systems.
Romica has addressed a range of problems associated with this kind of seabed survey, specifically we have developed winches to protect and maintain cable / umbilical life.
These deliver a cost effective solution, that is safe and enhances operational reliability.

When a tool is captive subsea, connected via a cable or umbilical to a moving vessel, the risk exists that equipment maybe lost or stuck under water. Such a situation can gives rise to a broken umbilical or cable, project down time and expensive intervention to recover the tool. Romica has developed a solution, proven in the field, and while in operation with a leading operator, set a working depth record of 3000m for a CPT sampling system.

Coring Winches

Main features

  • Tension control and limiting
  • Electrical and hydraulic driven winches
  • With or without level wind. Right angled if required for space saving on the vessel
  • Level wind operationcan be of mechanical, electrical or hydraulic drive
  • We have supplied winches with cable length capacity up to 4000m
  • Synthetic or wire ropes can be accommodated
  • Traction WInch and direct pull winches



Corer Handling

Romica can offer a range of solutions for the setting up, deployment, recovery and extraction of core sample equipment.
Systems have been designed for the launch and recovery of corers up to 40m long.
They allow for the preparation of Corer, storage of the core sample, and extraction of the sample from the corer tube.
In addition, Romica has a range of corer manipulators that allow the weight stack to be prepared and moved on deck, and assists with rotation from the horizontal to the vertical, ready for deployment.
The system includes control davits that allow the corer to be overboarded,lowered and recovered without bending.

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